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  • What is Russian Volume?
    Russian Volume is the use of multiple ultra-fine extensions, these are hand created at the time of application by the therapist using their specially designed tweezers.
  • Can i get my lashes wet?
    Do not get your lashes wet for 48hours, after that you can get them wet but make sure to dry them.
  • Can i wear mascara with lash extensions?
    It is recommended that you do not wear mascara with extensions are it will ruin the lashes.
  • How long does each treatment take?
    Between 1-2 hours
  • Aftercare for lashes?
    Do not wet for 48hours and do not use oil based products on your lashes, when washing your lashes make sure to use oil free products such as baby shampoo. After wetting your lashes make sure to dry them and brush them, also trying not to sleep on your face.
  • How long do my lashes last?
    Depending on your natural lashes it can take up to 4-6 weeks.
  • How much are lash trays?
    Lashes Mu lash trays are £10 each, not including postage fee (£2).
  • Where are you based?
    Based in Hackney near Dalston (London).
  • Do dermal fillers hurt?
    It can feel uncomfortable, sensitive and sore. However numbing cream is applied before the process to minimise this.
  • What is Aqualyx?
    Aqualyx is a solution of deoxycholic acid. A compound which has been used in various fields of human medicine since its discovery. Present also in the human body deoxycholic acid is used in the emulsification of fats for the absorption in the intestine.
  • Is Aqualyx a medicine?
    No, Aqualyx is classified as a medical device.
  • How does Aqualyx work?
    when injected into the fatty tissue it disrupts the membrane of the fat cells, leading the cell breakdown. Theres also an inflammatory response and some tissue contraction. It causes cell lysis. Its non selective meaning it lyses all cells. However,it has greater affinity for fatty tissue than protein tissue, so fat tissue is more susceptible to break down. It prompts a mild inflamation in the skin afterwards which helps clear the cellular debris.
  • Is Aqualyx vegan ?
    Yes, it contains no compounds from humans or animals.
  • can Aqualyx be used on men?
    Yes, many men have fat dissolving injections to improve their neck and jawline contour, or to deal with small pockets of abdominal fat for example.
  • Does Aqualyx hurt?
    Not especially , because the fluid is mixed with local anaesthesia, so the area is numbed. Most people report afterwards that the area looks sore, however, the vast majority of people do not report of extreme pain. This is dependent on the individuals tolerence and other life/personal factors.
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